Documentation is a application interface platform for geographic analysis and mapping of Canadian Neighbourhoods using geographic coordinates. The api is available in a wide variety of environments and devices because it exposes much of its functionality through web services

This document is intended for website and mobile developers.


Your application must identify itself every time it sends a request to the , by including an API key with each request.

The API key is included as the value of a key parameter in the request URI:


Invalid Key Response HTTP 400 (Bad Request) Your API key is not valid for the Geolocation API. Please ensure that you’ve included the entire key

Usage Limits

The API has the following limits in place:

Starter API:

1000 requests per 24 hour period.
5 requests per second.

Pro API:

25,000 requests per 24 hour period.
10 requests per second.

Enterprise API:

100,000 requests per 24 hour period.
10 requests per second.

Usage limits Exceeded HTTP 403 (Forbidden) If you exceed the usage limits.

API Endpoints

Request URL

No Search Results HTTP 404 (Not Found) The request was valid, but no results were returned.


Current Version 1.1